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Symposium AOrganizers:
Seiji Nagahara (Tokyo Electron)
Tomoki Nagai (JSR)
Shinji Okazaki (ALITECS)
Takahiro Kozawa (Osaka Univ.)
EUVL Stochastics Symposium: Overcoming the Challenge of
Stochastics for High Resolution Lithography

For the future EUV lithography for fine patterns including high
NA EUV lithography, EUV induced stochastics issues are still one
of the biggest concerns for reliable patterning for future
semiconductor devices. This EUVL Stochastics Symposium will
highlight the challenges and solutions for stochastics issues for
the future EUV lithography. The symposium will deal with EUV
stochastics from a variety of aspects such as exposure tools,
resist materials, processes, masks, resist stochastics models and
simulations. In addition to the invited talks, the symposium has
an panel discussion by leading experts in the field for further
discussion of the topics.
Symposium BOrganizers:
Daiyu Kondo (Fujitsu)
Atsushi Ando (AIST)
Forefront of low-dimensional nanomaterials
for future applications
Symposium COrganizer:
Kazuaki Furukawa (Meisei Univ.)
Biological Phenomena and Functions within
Micro- and Nanospace
Symposium DOrganizer:
Koji Asakawa (KIOXIA)
Enhancing technology for next generation