MNC 2019, Oct. 28-31, 2019
32nd International Microprocesses and Nanotechnology Conference
International Conference Center Hiroshima, Hiroshima, Japan

JJAP INSTRUCTION (We will update following information after August 10)

The authors are encouraged to submit a manuscript of your paper to the Japanese Journal of Applied Physics (JJAP) by November 30, 2019.

Strict adherence to this deadline would be helpful for publication on schedule. Manuscripts will be reviewed using standard JJAP procedures and published in the special issue of JJAP as the proceeding of MNC 2019.
The JJAP Editorial Board requests authors to note that the manuscript should not be identical with the text of the abstract submitted nor any papers published elsewhere. The content of the manuscript should be original by including additional data and/or further discussion. The best paper award will be selected from papers in the proceedings.
When you send your manuscript to JJAP, please be sure the program number of your paper on the JJAP application form. For more information on the preparation of a manuscript, see the JJAP website.
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=== In the case of Web submission===

It is possible to submit your manuscript for MNC special issue of JJAP via following web site from September 4 to November 30, 2019. Please prepare the electronic form of the manuscript as one PDF file with text, figures and tables.
The authors are strongly recommended to use the template for manuscript preparing in order to make review and publication processes smooth.
Regular Paper:
Brief Note:

Submission site (Now availabele)

<<Publication Charge>>
Page charge:
 Progress Review: 40,000 JPY
 Regular Paper: 40,000 JPY
 Brief Note: 20,000 JPY

English editing:The language editing service is provided for all the accepted manuscripts free of charge. This service mainly focuses on corrections in some grammatical errors, but not on improvements in English description.
Authors are recommended to take English corrections by a native speaker or an external service agent before submitting your manuscript.

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Archive of JJAP Special Issue (The past 10 years)
Year Place MNC Web Site MNC JJAP Special Issue Web Site MNC JJAP Special Issue
MNC 2018 Sapporo, Japan Volume 58 Number SD, 1 June 2019
MNC 2017 Jeju, Korea Volume 57 Number 6S1, June 2018
MNC 2016 Kyooto, Japan Volume 56 Number 6S1, June 2017
MNC 2015 Toyama, Japan Volume 55 Number 6S1, June 2016
MNC 2014 Fukuoka, Japan Volume 54 Number 6S1, June 2015
MNC 2013 Sapporo, Japan Volume 53 Number 6S, June 2014
MNC 2012 Kobe, Japan Volume 52 Number 6S, June 2013
MNC 2011 Kyoto, Japan Volume 51 Number 6S, June 2012
MNC 2010 Kitakyushu, Japan Volume 50 Number 6S, June 2011
MNC 2009 Sapporo, Japan Volume 49 Number 6S, June 2010

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