MNC 2022

Symposium B: Frontlines of atomic layer processing researches and expectations for novel precursor materials

SectionName, Affiliation, Paper Title and Short Biography
Symposium B: Frontlines of atomic layer processing researches and expectations for novel precursor materials
Dr. Toshihide Nabatame
National Institute of Materials Science
Paper Title; Study of gate insulator for GaN power device using atomic layer deposition
Dr. Nabatame worked Hitachi and Renesas Technology for 22 years and moved to National Institute for Materials Science in 2009. He also joined National projects such as MIRAI and Selete in Japan for 8 years.
He has been investigated fabrication and characteristics of DRAM, FeRAM and MOSFET, especially High-k films using ALD process since 2001.
Dr. Satoshi. Shibata
Panasonic Operational Excellence, Japan
Paper Title: Thermal atomic layer deposition of lithium phosphorus oxynitride as a thin-film solid electrolyte
Satoshi Shibata received the Ph.D. degree in damage of semiconductor materials by ion implantation from Kobe University in 2011.
He joined Semiconductor Company, Panasonic Corporation, Nagaokakyo, Kyoto, Japan, in 1991, as a semiconductor process engineer.
After that, from 2009 to 2018, he was with Advanced Research Division, Panasonic Corporation, Moriguchi, Osaka, Japan, as a researcher.
He currently work on the creation of new businesses in the Global Procurement Division of Panasonic Operational Excellence Co., Ltd.
Prof. Fumihiko Hirose, Yamagata Univ., Japan
Paper Title: Room-temperature atomic layer deposition and its applications
Dr. Hiroto Ohtake, Hitachi High-Tech America, Inc
Paper Title: Atomic layer etching by vapor, radical and IR heating for 3D device fabrication
Hiroto Ohtake received the B.S. and M.S. degrees from Keio University in 1993 and 1995, and the D.S. degree from Tohoku University in 2004. He was engaged in R&D at NEC regarding control in reactive plasma and plasma etching, from 1995 to 2006. He was an associate professor at Tohoku University from 2006 to 2010, researching plasma damages. He has worked in TEL from 2010 to 2018 and Hitachi High-tech from 2018 for developing new plasma etching tools. He has stayed in USA for 6 years. Dr. Ohtake is a member of the JSAP and a senior member of IEEE.
Mr. Yohei Kotsugi, TANAKA Precious Metals
Paper Title: Highly conformal Ru thin films for emerging interconnect materials by atomic layer deposition process using a liquid Ru precursor with high vapor pressure
Dr. Yohei Kotsugi joined Tanka Precious Metals in 2016, and since then he devoted himself to the study about synthesis of new precursors and its production processes. Since 2019, he started the study on the CVD and ALD process for the interconnects in LSI production . He is also a visiting researcher in Yongnum University in Korea.