MNC 2022

Instruction Online (Only Plenary and Symposium A)

■   For Plenary and Overseas Speakers of Symposium A (Panelist including)

  • MNC secretariat will send the access URL of the Zoom Webinar to speakers by invitation email in
  • Speakers will participate as “panelists.”
  • Visit the Zoom Webinar to check the connection 30 minutes before the session starts and confirm that your sound system (and screen sharing if you show slides or video from your PC) works fine.
  • Video for general participants is off. In principle, their microphone is also set to be off, but questions are asked using the microphone during a Q&A session by clicking on Unmute.
  • The presentation time for each presentation is shown in the link below.
  • For every speakers
  • Click on Video On to show your face during your presentation.
  • MNC recommends to use “MNC 2022 back ground” for your video screen
  • The back ground can be dowonloaded from the link below in this page.
  • You can select the background image from the menu at right side of video button
  • If you need further assistance in virtual background, please refer to the link.
  • For the speakers to use a submitted video file (standard):
    • MNC assistants will show your video file from their PC.
    • After the video, answer to the questions after clicking on Unmute .
  • For the speaker to use a video file from presenter’s PC:
    • Click on Share Screen   on the meeting toolbar. Select Share Sound in the bottom-left corner of the share selection window to begin sharing with your PC’s audio included.
  • For the speaker to talk live by Zoom:
    ・Click on Unmute .
    ・Click on Share Screen   on the meeting toolbar.
    ・Start your presentation by using your microphone.
  • During Q&A:
    • Clicking on Unmute if your microphone is off.
    • Answer the questions with your video on by clicking Video On .
    • If you use your slides to answer the questions, please keep your slides ready for screen share. Click on Share Screen   on the meeting toolbar for showing your slides to the attendees for answering questions.
    • When the Q&A session is over, stop “Share Screen”, stop video, and mute the microphone.Important request for speakers:
      Presenters need to insert the watermark image(gif) or describe the same comment “MNC 2022, Nov. 8-11, 2022” for every page of your presentation slides (in footer or header).

Please use the link below for downloading water mark when you use water mark image instead of text comments.

Zoom Background (png)
for presenters and chairs
Zoom Background 2(png)
for presenters and chairs
 Presenters need to insert this watermark image(gif) or describe the same comments for every page of your presentation slides.



MNC 2022, Nov. 8-11, 2022