MNC 2022


 MNC 2021 Award List
Outstanding Paper
Applying stochastic simulation to study defect formation in EUV photoresists
Lawrence S. Melvin III 1, Ulrich Welling 2, Yudhishthir Kandel 1, Zachary A. Levinson 1, Hironobu Taoka 3, HansJurgen Stock 2 and Wolfgang Demmerle 2
1 Synopsys Inc., USA, 2 Synopsys GmbH, Germany and 3 Nihon Synopsys G.K., Japan
Most Impressive Presentation Award
Design of Scanning Path for Dynamic Virtual Cathode Tool
Ken Sasaki, Tatsuki Nomura and Takayuki Hoshino, Hirosaki Univ., Japan
Young Author’s Award
Characterization of nanogap with gold nanoparticle dimer controlled by four-point bending for electrical and optical single molecule measurement
Yuanzhi Chang, Takayuki Sumitomo, Akio Uesugi, Koji Sugano and Yoshitada Isono, Kobe Univ., Japan

Young Author’s Award
Highly sensitive passive glucose sensor based on parity-time (PT) symmetric resonators
T. Takamatsu 1, Y. Shijie 1, T. Xiao 1, L. Hu 1, Y. Cui 1, Q. Zhang 1 and T. Miyake 1,2, 1 Waseda Univ. and 2 JST-PRESTO, Japan
Audience Award
High NA EUV lithography: Current status and outlook for the future
Harry Levinson, HJL Lithography, USA

Audience Award
Evolution of patterning materials towards the Moore's Law 2.0 Era
Dario L. Goldfarb, IBM Watson Res. Center, USA