MNC 2019 Outstanding Paper

MNC 2019 Most Impressive Presentation
Enzyme Free Microneedle Array Patch Composed of Boronate-Containing
Hybrid Hydrogel for On-Demand Transdermal Insulin Delivery
S. Chen 1,2, H. Matsumoto 1, Y. Morooka 1, M. Tanaka 3,
Y. Miyahara 1, T. Suganami 3 and A. Matsumoto 1,2
1 Kanagawa Inst. of Industrial Sci. and Technol., 2 Tokyo Medical and Dental Univ. and 3 Nagoya Univ., Japan

Young Author’s Award
Highly luminescent Perovskite Nanocrystals by Ultrasound-Assisted Bead Milling and Application for Quantum Dots Light-Emitting Diodes   
K. Umemoto 1, Y. Tezuka 1, D. Sasaki 1, M. Takeda 1, H. Ebe 1, Y. Takahashi 1, B. Lyu 1, S. Rodbuntum 1, J. Enomoto 1, T. Nohara 1, T. Chiba 1, S. Asakura 1,2,3 and A. Masuhara 1
1 Yamagata Univ., 2 Chiba Univ. and 3 Ise Chem., Japan

Exploring Resist Options For Euv Layers Of Imec N5 Cmos Vehicle   
A. Thiam, S. Paolillo, F. Lazzarino, M. Ercken, P. Wong and A. Charley
Imec, Belgium

MNC 2019 Most Impressive Poster Award
Titanium/Silica Nanoparticles with Tunable Exothermic Function   
M. Shindo 1, K. Kiyohara 2, K. Inoue 2 and T. Namazu 1
1 Aichi Inst. of Technol. and 2 Univ. of Hyogo, Japan

Fabrication and Study of Miniaturized Soft Pneumatic Robotic Finger   
T.-Y. Cheng, P.-C. Huang, K.-Y. Huang and Y.-C. Tsai, Natl. Chung Hsing Univ., Taiwan