Special Talk

1-1: Advanced Lithography and Patterning

Full Chip Curvilinear ILT with both Multi-Beam and VSB Mask Writers That Improves Wafer Process
Windows by 2X (Special Talk)
Linyong (Leo) Pang 1, Ezequiel Vidal Russell 2, Bill Baggenstoss 2, Yang Lu 2, Michael Lee 2, Jennefir Digaum 2, Ming-
Chuan Yang 2, Ryan Pearman 1, P.Jeffrey Ungar 1, Lu Sha 1, Ali Bouaricha 1, Michael Pomerantsev 1, Mariusz
Niewczas 1, Kechang Wang 1, Bo Su 1, Michael Meyer 1, Aki Fujimura 1, 1 D2S and 2 Micron Technol., USA

2-1: Nanodevices

Wurtzite InP Microdisks: from Epitaxy to Room-Temperature Lasing (Special Talk)
Philipp Staudinger, Svenja Mauthe, Noelia Vico Triviño, Steffen Reidt, Kirsten Moselund and Heinz Schmid, IBM Res. Zurich, Switzerland