Video File Submission

After receiving acceptance notice of abstract, all the video files must be
submitted through the following website by the deadline: October 19.

Instructions and precautions regarding video files

* Please save a 15-minute PPT movie, with sound as MP4 of ca.10MB. Do not use hi-vision mode to save (recommendation 1280 X 720 resolution) .

* Videos will be published on VIMEO embedded in the video system so that MNC participants can watch between November 9- December 9, 2020.

* To watch the videos, you need an ID and a password which will be issued after conference registration process is completed.

* Even if your abstract is accepted, your presentation is to be withdrawn in case that you fail to submit a video file or to register for the MNC conference.

* Please make sure not to commit a copyright violation in a video file.

* Please refrain from submitting a video file if you do not wish it to appear on the website.

* All the video files will be published on November 9, 2020.