General Information
Conference Name
37th International Microprocesses and Nanotechnology Conference (MNC 2024)
November 12-15, 2024
Sponsored by
Cooperation by

The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan
The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
The Japan Society for Precision Engineering
The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
The Japanese Society for Synchrotron Radiation Research
The Japanese Society of Microscopy
The Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science
The Society for Chemistry and Micro-Nano Systems
Microprocesses and Nanotechnology play an important role of technical backbone for constructing the advanced information communications society with ubiquitous net works of the 21st century.
The MNC conference is now in its 37th year and is intended to provide a forum for discussing lithography science and process technology using photon, electron, ion, other energetic particles and nanomaterials. This conference covers not only their applications to micro-and nano-structure fabrication and related physics and devices, but also their fusion applications with other fields like bio, medical information, and communication technology.
1: Lithography, Metrology and Related Technologies
1-1: Advanced Lithography and Patterning
1-2: Electron and Ion Beam Technologies
1-3: Patterning Materials
2: Nanotechnology
2-1: Nanocarbons & 2D Materials
2-2: Nanodevices
2-3; Nanofabrication
2-4: Inorganic Nanomaterials
2-5: Organic Nanomaterials
2-6: Nano Surfaces, Interfaces, and Advanced Nano Metrology
3: Nanoimprint, Hybrid-NIL, Biomimetics, and Functional Surfaces
4: BioMEMS, Lab on a Chip, and Nanobiotechnology
5: Microsystem Technology and MEMS
6: Atomic Layer Processing (ALP)
Regular Paper Deadline: from June 10 to July 1, 2024
Late News Paper Deadline: September 2, 2024
Digest of Papers (Download) release date: November 12, 2024
Special Issue
MNC Special Issue from Japanese Journal of Applied Physics (JJAP) (June, 2024)
Organizing Committee Chair: Toshiyuki Tsuchiya (Kyoto Univ.)
Steering Committee Chair: Takahiro Namazu (Kyoto Univ. of Advanced Sci.)
Program Committee Chair: Koji Asakawa (Kioxia)