Instruction Oral

ORAL INSTRUCTION (Regular and Section Invited of Room B, C, D)
Session Equipments
- All speakers are required to use an electronic projector.

- Please use Microsoft PowerPoint to create your presentation slides. The recommended screen ratio for slides is 16:9.

- An OHP is not available at the conference. To avoid software matching trouble, you are requested to bring your
own PC with you for your presentation.

- HDMI is available for the connection to the switcher connected projector. Please set up your PC before your session starts. We do not provide any other types of interface cables. Please prepare a conversion adapter for your PC.
* Those whose manuscripts are accepted for presentation at the conference should inform MNC if they can participate. (In case of not making a presentation, the presentation will be withdrawn and the paper submission will not be accepted by JJAP.)
(1) All authors should register at the registration desk.
(2) All authors are requested to register at the session registration desk no later than 30 min. before the session starts.
Please pick a name card point (blue) up at the session registration desk.
(3) All oral authors are requested to bring author's interview document less than A4 size, 10 sheet (A cutback of the presentation in Power point etc.)
(4) To the operator in your session room. Bring your PC at least 15 min. before the session for your presentation starts.
(5). Presentation
Regular session is 20 min. including 5 min.discussion.
Invited session is 30 min. including 5 min. discussion.
Plenary Session is 40 min. including 5 min. discussion.

The conference staff will be timing the session by ringing the bell.
1) 1st bell : at the end of presentation. (ex. Regular session 15 min.)
2) 2nd bell : at the end of 5 min-discussion (ex. Regular Session 20 min.)
(6). Author's Interview
A 10-minutes Author's Interview will be held after each session. The authors are requested to make complementary discussions with participants.
Please prepare a set of printed copies of slides used in your presentation.

Your materials will be posted on a 90-cm-wide x 210-cm-high surface board by an MNC staff and will be returned after the session.
* Note that the Author's Interview is excluded from the Most Impressive Poster Award.

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