Instruction of Keynote (Video File Submission)

Video File Submission Deadline: September 30.
Video File Submission site 
* Please prepare a 45 min. -90 min. presentation movie with sound as MP4 (Recommendation resolution: 1040 x 720, 960 x 720, 1280 x 720).

Instructions and precautions regarding video files
* Please make a video in Power point with audio.
How to record a presentation by Power Point.

→ How to record a presentation by Zoom

* Videos will be published on VIMEO embedded in the video system so that MNC participants can watch between November 14-December 14, 2023.
* To watch the videos, you need an ID and a password which will be issued after conference registration process is completed.
* Please make sure not to commit a copyright violation in a video file.
* The video file of Keynote will be published on November 14.

Presenters need to insert this watermark (MNC 2023, Sapporo, Japan) or describe the same comments for every page of your presentation slides.
Please use the link below for downloading water mark when you use water mark image instead of text comments.