MNC 2018, November 13-16, 2018
31st International Microprocesses and Nanotechnology Conference
Sapporo Park Hotel, Sapporo, Japan

Plenary Speakers Name
Mr. Tsuguo Nobe
Director, Chief Advanced Service Architect + Visiting Associate Professor
Intel and Nagoya Univ., Japan

Paper Title
AI Based Self-Driving Vehicles and Its Relation with Nano Electronics
Self-driving vehicles will be made possible by the fusion of various rages of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) and its integration into vehicles. In addition to the advancements of existing technologies, such as sensors, SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) and Vehicle IoT, apparent key new technology indispensable for the development of Self-driving vehicles is Deep Learning, which yields algorithm to drive on any applicable roads in the world; provides better environmental recognition to perceive the real world than human beings and then makes up 3-dimantinal crowd-sourced map in the Cloud. With the exponential growth of ICT, research of AI (Artificial Intelligence) has advanced far beyond our expectations in recent years and the adaptation of AI into vehicles will be accelerated far more than ever with the shape of software on nano-electronics devices not only in vehicles but also in the Cloud. I would like to show the overall trends of the development of Self-driving vehicles in the global basis and examine how nano-electronics devices will contribute in next 10-20 years.
Short Biography
Joined NEC Corporation in 1983 and took responsibilities for engineering and business developments of NEC AT-Compatible PCs in international and domestic markets. In 2001, established an MMORPG on-line game company and took position as CEO until 2003. Joined NISSAN Motor CO. in 2004 to develop and launch Vehicle IoT. Awarded the Best Mobile Innovation for Automotive and Transport at GSMA 2011 for IT support for EV. In 2012, joined Intel Corp. to make engineering and business developments of Automated Vehicles with Mobility Services. Regular speaker at major conferences of IEEE and other Vehicle and IT related seminars. Also, takes several positions as official members of governmental committees. Since 2014, also serve as Visiting Associate Professor at Nagoya University.

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