MNC 2018, November 13-16, 2018
31st International Microprocesses and Nanotechnology Conference
Sapporo Park Hotel, Sapporo, Japan

Area Title Name Affiliation
 Plenary AI Based Self-Driving Vehicles and Its Relation with Nano Electronics  Tsuguo Nobe  Intel and Nagoya University, Japan
EUV Lithography at Threshold of High-Volume Manufacturing and Beyond  Anthony Yen  ASML, USA
Materials innovation and integration for new computing paradigms  Kirsten Moselund  IBM Research Zurich, Switzealnd
 Symp. A: Nano-Metrology for Exploring the Limit Application of Dynamic Light Scattering;  Redouane Borsali  University of Grenoble Alpes, France
CD SEM Metrology for the 5nm Technology Node and Beyond
 Gian Lorusso  imec, Belgium
X-ray based dimensional metrology for the semiconductor industry  Joe Kline  NIST, USA
Advanced CD-SEM metrology for Novel patterning technologies  Takeshi Kato  Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation, Japan
X-ray nanoscopic phase imaging with grating interferometry  Atsushi Momose  Tohoku University, Japan
Development of EUV Phase Imaging Microscope for Mask-3D-Effect and Defect Evaluation  Tetsuo Harada  University of Hyogo, Japan
Symp. B: Recent Progress of Atomic Layer Processing (ALP) Technology    Single Reaction Control in Atomic Layer Etching for LSI Device Fabricatrion  Masaru Kurihara  Hitachi, Japan
Consecutive Area-Selective Deposition Using Self-Assembled Monolayer  Jiyoung Kim  University of Texas at Dallas, USA
Study of High-k Gate Insulator for GaN Power Device by Atomic Layer Deposition (Invited)  Toshihide Nabatame  NIMS, Japan
Ultra-Thin Ferroelectric HfZrO2 by Atomic-Layer Deposition (ALD) for Steep Slope Transistors Application  Min-Hung Lee  National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
Symp. C: Thermal and Electronic Properties of Nanoscale Interfaces(Tentative Title)  
Thermal and Thermoelectric Transport in Metal-Coordinated Polymers:Towards Flexible Devices
 Shannon Yee  Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Study of the thermal properties of nanoscale interface with high temporal resolution  Weigang Ma  Tsinghua University, China
Measurements of charge, heat and spin transport in organic
 Deepak Venkateshvaran  Univ. of Cambridge, UK
Symp. D: BioMEMS, Lab on a Chip, and Nanotechnology (Tentative Title)    Three dimensional UV lithography technologies for microphysiological systems  Yoshikazu Hirai  Kyoto University, Japan
Stimulation of Cells by Cold Atmospheric Plasma for Wound Treatment (Invited)  Tetsuji Shimizu  AIST, Japan
Next Breakthroughs in Pluripotent Stem Cell Applications  Kiichiro Tomoda  Osaka Medical College, Japan
Toward a data-driven strategy for designs of biomaterials  Tomohiro Hayashi  Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
 1-1: Photolithography and Patterning EUV material challenges and solutions  Geert Vandenberghe  imec, Belgium
How to Measure Accurately True LER Occurring in EUV Lithography  Hiroki Kawada  Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation, Japan
 1-2: Electron and Ion Beam Sources of Resist Surface Charging in Electron Beam Lithography  Noriaki Nakayamada  NuFlare Technology, Japan
 1-3: Resist and Directed Self-Assembly Defect reduction strategies for directed self-assembly process  Hyo Seon Suh  imec, Belgium
 2-1: Nanocarbons  Bottom-Up Chemical Synthesis of Atomically Precise Graphene Nanoribbons and Their Potentials  Akimitsu Narita  Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Germany
Hybrid Nano Carbon Materials for Energy Electrodes  Seong Chan Jun  Yonsei Univ., Korea
 2-2: Nanodevices Control of Heat and Charge Transport in Carbon-Nanotube- Based Thermoelectric Materials Using Bionanoparticles  Masakazu Nakamura  Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST), Japan
 2-3: Nanofabrication Etched Ge Surface Treatment for Ge NW/fin FETs  Yao-Jen Lee  National Nano Device Labs. (NDL), Taiwan
 2-4: Inorganic Nanomaterials Room Temperature coating of Ceramic film by Aerosol Deposition  Jun Akedo  AIST, Japan
Heterojunction based on atomically thin semiconductor and its application  Kazuhito Tsukagoshi  NIMS, Japan
Solution-processed 2D molecular crystals for transistor applications  Yun Li  Nanjing University, China
 2-5: Organic Nanomaterials Polymeric Solid-State Ionic Gate Dielectrics for Low-Voltage Field-Effect Transistors  Yong-Young Noh  Dongguk University, Korea
Coordination Polymers Boost Nano- and Micro-Fabrication  Kenji Hirai  Hokkaido University, Japan
 2-6: Nano-Tool

Application of helium ion microscopy (HIM) to nano- electronics and bio-science

 Shinichi Ogawa  AIST, Japan
 3: Nanoimprint, Hybrid-NIL, Biomimetics, and Functional Surfaces  Nanoimprint Lithography of Oxides via Better Chemistry  M.S.M. Saifullah  A*STAR, Singapore
Biomimetics: Emulation of Biological “Bricolage" for Sustainable Paradigm Shift toward Survival in Anthropocene (Invited)  Masatsugu Shimomura  Chitose Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
 4: BioMEMS, Lab on a Chip, and Nanobiotechnology  Optically Driven Nano-Robots and Chemical IC Chips for Micro-RNA Detection and Tissue Enginneing Based on 3D Micro/Nano Fabrication  Koji Ikuta  University of Tokyo, Japan
Development of microwave scattering field tomography for next-generation breast cancer screening  Kenjiro Kimura  Kobe University, Japan
 5: Microsystem Technology and MEMS Highly sensitive spintronic strain-gauge sensor and Spin-MEMS microphone  Yoshihiko Fuji  Toshiba Corporation, Japan
Surface activated bonding of LiNbO3 and Si for optical microsystem  Ryo Takigawa  Kyushu University, Japan

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